Becoming Intentional About Family Prayer

The 7-5-2 Prayer@Home Campaign is designed to challenge families to pray seven times a week individually for their family, five times a week together as a family, and two times a week together as a couple

Why pray at home?

Studies have shown that the simple routine of praying together at home makes it much more likely you will...

  • Build a life-long, thriving marriage
  • Strengthen the relationship with your children and teens
  • Nurture strong faith in the hearts of your children and teens
  • Reduce the level of tension in your home
  • Increase marital trust, respect and intimacy

Online Resources

Sermon – Listen to Pastor Drew's sermon on the importance of prayer at home. (11/8/2015)

Prayer@Home Guide – This guide describes what the purpose of prayer is, what might be keeping you from praying, and tips on how to make helps you with your prayer life.

Calendar – Families commited to the 7-5-2 prayer challenge can mark these calendars

 Web Resources – Here are some web sites that can help you get started

Prayer with your child

Prayer with your spouse

Additional prayer tips


  • Faith Begins @ Home Prayer by Mark Holmen
  • Pray Big for Your Marriage by Will Davis, Jr.,
  • Creative Family Prayer Times by Mike & Amy Nappa
  • What Happens When I Talk to God by Stormie Omartian