The fruit of the Spirit grows out of an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. Fruit is produced in us not by us. But we have a part to play by submitting ourselves to God and inviting Him to nurture His character in us. Our character looks more like God’s character when we allow Him to change us. We cannot muster up more joy or patience on our own, and we do not need to. We receive them as gifts that grow in us when we give God control and allow Him to make us more of what He intends us to be.

The home gives us an ideal environment for nurturing the fruit of the Spirit as we connect with God and each other on a daily basis.

At home we can...

  • Introduce our family to the character of God
  • Model what it means to abide in Christ
  • Encourage one another toward bearing fruit

The Picture Imperfect Challenge

  • Create nine experiences at home over the coming nine weeks with a focus on each of the nine fruit of the Spirit

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 Family Activities

Become intentional about creating experiences at home with a focus of each of the fruit of the Spirit. Consider using these activities to take that first step.

Activity Booklet


  • Picture Imperfect Sermon: Goodness - Dr. Drew Landry (5/28/2017)
  • Picture Imperfect Sermon: Kindness - Dr. Dan Cook (5/21/2017)
  • Picture Imperfect Sermon: Patience - David Short (5/14/2017)
  • Picture Imperfect Sermon: Peace - Dr. Drew Landry (5/07/2017)
  • Picture Imperfect Sermon: Joy - Dr. Drew Landry (4/30/2017)
  • Picture Imperfect Sermon: Love - Dr. Drew Landry (4/23/2017)
  • Character Formation at Home - Kurt Brunner